September 25, 2022

Leonardo dicaprio Best Actor and Best Film

Leonardo dicaprio Best Actor and Best Film

Leonardo dicaprio Best Actor and Best Film

Leonardo dicaprio Best Actor and Best Film – Who does not know the film TITANIC, the best film of all time played by top actor Leonardo Dicaprio.

Leo began his acting since childhood through several television series such as santa barbara and glowing science, before finally he acted in the world of big screen films which became the idols of teenage women with his good looks.

Leo was born in Hollywood on November 11, 1974, DiCaprio did not only pursue commercial values, but as an actor he certainly wanted to prove the quality of his acting and this was proven by him through some of his filmography which carries deepening of character and quite heavy themes.

Leonardo dicaprio Best Actor and Best Film

Now I will give the best films of Leonardo dicaprio the best of all time:

1. Titanic

It is undeniable that this TITANIC film is one of the films that casts its name as a top-tier actor in the big screen universe, but previously it had become an idol of teenagers through Romeo and Juliet films.

His role as Jack Dawson is able to bewitch the audience with the innocence and charisma typical of young creative people and rebels.

2. Catch Me If You Can

This film is about an accomplished deception named Frank Abagnale, Leonardo plays this film very well and professionally.

The story itself is very interesting because Abagnale is a swindler who has earned millions of dollars before turning 19 years by becoming a pilot, doctor and public prosecutor in court, so many frauds that he did until he was arrested by the FBI.

3. The Aviator

But then he can turn into a charismatic person when he meets women who always surround his life, such as Katharine Hepburn and Ava Gardner, and DiCaprio does his job very well.

4. The Departed

As a police officer who infiltrated a mafia plot to find a way to capture the kingpin with authentic evidence full of risks.

In addition to being afraid of being discovered by his true identity, he must also find out who the spy in the body of the police is that always protects this mafia group from the police ambush.

5. Inception

So far, the film by Christopher Nolan is the best film ever starring DiCaprio.

Although it emphasizes the complexity of the story and visualization that astonishes the eyes of the audience, but the acting of the cast, one of them is DiCaprio, helped to control the storyline and bring the audience’s thoughts deep into the realm of imagination displayed.

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